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Collect Genuine Signed Walking Dead Memorabilia

Collect Genuine Signed Walking Dead Memorabilia


AMC’S The Walking Dead is one of the biggest names in contemporary television. Set in a post-apocalyptic, undead-infested world, this series follows a group of survivors as they shoot, slash, and fight to survive. This gripping drama is based on a comic series that goes by the same name. However, it has taken many steps to separate itself from its comic book counterpart. 


The Walking Dead was an immediate hit when it premiered to television audiences in 2010. It was enjoyed by both fans of the comics as well as new viewers. The show’s Season 1 ratings were among the highest in its franchise’s history.


In addition to being a commercial success, the show has received critical praise as well. It received multiple Emmy awards for its costume and makeup design, making the titular Walkers as realistic and unsettling as possible.


One of the biggest of the departures from the graphic novel, however, is the introduction of Norman Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon. Daryl is a fan-favorite character and was Reedus’ breakout role. The character has appeared in the most episodes in the main series, surpassing even the comic’s protagonist and the former leading man Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln in the show. The Walking Dead has also featured cast members, such as Michael Rooker, Christian Serratos, Steven Yeun, and more.


The Walking Dead comic book has ended, and now the main television show approaches its 11th and final season. But The Walking Dead’s popularity has created a couple of spinoffs: Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which follow different groups of characters from the main cast.


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