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Don’t Miss Out On These Signed Collector’s Items: The Who Music Memorabilia

Don’t Miss Out On These Signed Collector’s Items: The Who Music Memorabilia


The Who were one of the iconic bands that rose to fame during the British Invasion in the 60s. Original members of the band are Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle, Keith Moon, and Pete Townshend. They rocked every arena audience they played for with their textured and stylish song suites and became one of the rock genre’s most influential and innovative bands.


The beginnings of The Who were very typical. Townshend and Entwhistle first met as high school colleagues. The pair eventually joined a band called the Detours, where they met Roger Daltrey. Eventually, they decided that they needed a name more striking than The Detours and ended up with “The Who”. While at first the name was a tad confusing, it stuck and worked exceptionally well on the band’s posters. Keith Moon eventually joined the band after their original drummer Doug Sandom had to part with them. This created the band as we know them today.


The Who’s lead songwriter was the talented Townshend. As the band’s principal songwriter, he also dictated the band’s style. Unlike most rock bands, The Who’s music relied heavily on their guitarist’s skill. This allowed Moon, their drummer, and Entwhistle, their bassist, to improvise and experiment while Daltrey, their vocalist and founder, belted out his vocals. This sound was great for the group, but Townshend pushed the band’s boundaries to new heights. He became one of the greatest British songwriters of all time, as he helped the group earn the respect and admiration of casual fans and music critics alike.


With timeless hits like “My Generation” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, The Who have cemented themselves as one of Britain’s greatest gifts to the world of rock music. If you are a certified fan of the British band, then you can find rare and authentic The Who collectibles at Autographia.


The Who Music Memorabilia

Authentic The Who pieces can be hard to find these days. Luckily, Autographia has all sorts of items affixed with the genuine signatures of The Who members. These signed The Who music memorabilia are rare and unique, so you would have a hard time finding anything like them anywhere else. These make perfect gifts for any true fan of this iconic British rock band, even if it happens to be yourself..


The Who Music Photos

Want to display your love for The Who in your office, home, or music room? You can satisfy your need for more collectibles from the band with signed The Who music photos. These photos make great displays for your music lover friends to appreciate and are the perfect pieces for any The Who fan’s collection.


The Who Autographed Albums

If you’ve never been able to watch the band play live, then you can get the next best thing with an authentic signed album. The Who autographed albums make for a great listening experience as they show off Townshend’s impeccable guitar riffs and Daltrey’s immaculate voice. These authentic signed albums are a must-have for any collector and you’d be pressed to find them anywhere else.


Pete Townshend Signed Guitars

Townshend is one of the most influential British musicians to have ever graced the stage. Being the rhythmist and songwriter for The Who, it’s no surprise that Pete Townshend signed guitars are incredibly popular. Here at Autographia, you can find these signed guitars for yourself or for a friend without any problems.