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Get Your Hands on Authentic Twenty One Pilots Music Memorabilia

Get Your Hands on Authentic Twenty One Pilots Music Memorabilia


Unconventional. That’s how Twenty One Pilots shot up to stardom. That’s how they play live on stage. And that’s how they make genre-agnostic songs that give them gold-certified tracks. Even their name is unconventional–just like how the band started out and how it remains to this day. It’s really no wonder how Twenty One Pilots became commercially successful–they release good music, they are so lively with their theatrical antics onstage, and they have a dedicated fanbase.


The name “twenty one pilots” was said to come from a play by Arthur Miller entitled “All My Sons”. It is about a man who committed suicide after causing the deaths of twenty-one pilots in World War II by knowingly sending them faulty parts for the good of his business. Joseph was so intrigued with the moral dilemma the protagonist faced in the story that he picked the phrase ‘twenty one pilots’ to be their band name. However, real fans of their music know that it’s not just their name that’s unique, but their songs and performances as well.


A Grammy winner for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Twenty One Pilots is currently made up of vocalist/songwriter Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. To date, the band has five studio albums, two of which were self-released, Twenty One Pilots and Regional at Best. Vessel, their third album, sold two million equivalent units, with every track receiving a gold certification from RIAA. 


However, their breakthrough success came with their fourth album in 2015, Blurryface, which produced hit singles “Ride” and “Stressed Out”. All tracks in Blurryface also received a gold certification from RIAA. These achievements make Twenty One Pilots the only group so far to have achieved this feat with two separate albums.


Twenty One Pilots Music Memorabilia


The band may be relatively young, but that has not stopped real fans searching for some high quality and authentic memorabilia to collect. Autographia offers some of the best Twenty One Pilots music memorabilia in the market. These include signed photos, posters, and rare-to-find albums such as the second album, Regional at Best.  


Twenty One Pilots Music Photos


You can easily find photos of the duo all over the internet, but you will have a hard time finding authentic signed collectibles. Because they are rare and hold some sentimental value, signed Twenty One Pilots music photos are one of the most sought after band memorabilia. Owning one can certainly give you bragging rights amongst your fellow fans and peers.


Twenty One Pilots Music Posters


Do you want to hang posters of your favorite band on your wall for inspiration? Just like signed photos, you can find autographed Twenty One Pilots music posters in our inventory. For real music fans, having their signed posters displayed for everyone to see is a display of dedication and loyalty to their favorite duo. 


Twenty One Pilots Music Albums

From the obscure No Phun Intended album to the commercially successful Blurryface and their most recent album Trench, you can find them here at Autographia. We have autographed Twenty One Pilots music albums that are 100% authentic. Put them in your cart and check out before other fans get their hands on these cool Twenty One Pilots collectibles.