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Find the Best Steven Spielberg Movie Memorabilia at Autographia

Find the Best Steven Spielberg Movie Memorabilia at Autographia

Steven Spielberg is a multi-awarded director, producer, and screenwriter regarded as the most commercially successful director of all time. He is the man behind some of history’s most iconic movies, including Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, both of which had earned him an Academy Award for Best Director.  

Innate Gift in Filmmaking  

Spielberg made his first amateur film at the age of 12, while other kids his age are still playing hide and seek. He shot his toy trains crashing into each other with an 8-mm Kodak film movie camera and made it look like a real train wreck. Two years later, Spielberg made a 40-minute World War II movie called Escape to Nowhere, which won first prize in a state amateur film contest. When he turned 16, he made his first independent film called Firelight, which became the inspiration for his second box office hit film Close Encounter of the Third Kind.  

But it’s not until he got an intern job at Universal Studios when his filmmaking career took off. That’s where he wrote and directed Amblin’, a 26-minute romantic film, which won several awards and earned him a seven-year directing contract with the film studio. It was the beginning of a long string of filmmaking successes that turned Steven Spielberg into a household name.  

Spielberg Films We Won’t Forget 

Since Amblin’, Spielberg has made 34 more movies, and all of them were critically acclaimed. Some even put us on an emotional roller coaster. First, he rekindled our primeval fears with Jaws and Close Encounters. Then, he thrilled us with the adventures of Indiana Jones, Hook, and E.T. Before we could catch our breath, he reminded us of the harrowing chapters of our past with The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, and Amistad.  

Spielberg pushed us further back in time to witness The Lost World: Jurassic Park. And just when we thought he’s done playing with time, he catapulted us to a far future where humans coexist with A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Every Spielberg film has undoubtedly captivated our imagination. His creative approach to directing and carefully integrating special effects raised the bar for the whole movie industry.  

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Steven Spielberg Movie Scripts: There’s only a handful of people in Hollywood that can rival Steven Spielberg’s aptitude for screenwriting. A champion storyteller who often combines wisdom and humor in his screenplays, Spielberg is nothing short of a genius. Getting your hands on one of his scripts is an opportunity a hardcore fan like you won’t miss for the world.