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4.6 out of 5

Find Rare and Authentic Signed Stranger Things Merchandise

Find Rare and Authentic Signed Stranger Things Merchandise


Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It has three seasons currently on the streaming platform and has a fourth one coming as well. Most of the episodes are set in the ‘80s. Big stars like Winona Ryder and David Kenneth Harbour play major roles in the series.


The show tells the story of a group of friends, a mother, and a police chief as they attempt to find a missing boy. Until, supernatural occurrences started happening in Hawkins, Indiana, the fictional town, which is the setting of the show.


Stranger Things was an immediate hit with mainstream audiences during its release. Over 40.7 million households worldwide watched its premiere, which was the most number of viewers to watch a Netflix release on its opening weekend. The series has since become one of Netflix’s most popular original series. 


The show also boasts consistent high ratings throughout its three seasons. It won multiple Emmy awards for its outstanding main title design, theme music, casting, and camera picture editing. The series also won an Emmy in three different years for its Sound Editing and received two Best Drama Series nominations at the Golden Globes.


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