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George RR Martin Memorabilia Now Available Here at Autographia

George RR Martin Memorabilia Now Available Here at Autographia


George RR Martin is the American writer behind A Song of Ice and Fire. This epic fantasy novel series became the basis for the critically acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. Apart from writing novels, he also writes short stories and screenplays, which led to his involvement in various television projects.


Born to Write


Martin discovered his passion for writing at a very young age. His wild imagination, fueled by a voracious reading habit, helped him write monster stories, which he sold for pennies to other children in their small neighborhood. As a teenager, he became obsessed with Marvel superheroes so much that he wrote a letter to the Fantastic Four editor expressing his admiration for their work. Marvel Comics published his message in their twentieth issue. He took a journalism course at Northwestern University and graduated summa cum laude.


Inspiration and Success


It is easy to understand why George RR Martin is sometimes dubbed as the American Tolkien. He approaches his fantasy novels the same way J. R. R. Tolkien did The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Martin, like most of us, is a hardcore Tolkien fan, after all. In the words of literary critic Jeff VanderMeer, Martin’s work is teeming with “complex storylines, fascinating characters, great dialogue, perfect pacing.”


Apart from A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin wrote many other novels and short stories throughout his illustrious career. Some of his famous works include the vampire novel Fevre Dream and his first sci-fi novel Dying of the Light. He is also an active blogger and regular science fiction and comic convention participant.


A true bibliophile will easily recognize George RR Martin’s massive contribution to American literature. True enough, his impact on both readers and authors around the world earned him a spot on Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2011. What better way to celebrate his legacy than to include him in your rare collection?


George RR Martin Signed Memorabilia


If you are a George RR Martin fan, a bookworm who loves fantasy and sci-fi novels, or a certified Throner, you’ll find collecting George RR Martin memorabilia a fun and exciting hobby. At Autographia, we give you access to a plethora of souvenir items with Martin’s authentic signature, from GoT posters and scripts to his still photos.


George RR Martin Signed Photos


Signed pictures of George RR Martin are hard to find these days. At Autographia, they are quite common. You don’t have to go to a book-signing event to get a George RR Martin photo and ask for an autograph. You can buy one from Autographia. The images we have of George RR Martin are 100% certified autographed, and we have the documents to prove it.


George RR Martin Signed Posters


Apart from your favorite GoT actors, George RR Martin also signs the show’s marvelous posters, and we have all of them in our inventory. His signature not only adds value to your GoT poster collection, but it also reminds you of the essence of American literature. Grab your signed posters from Autographia today.


George RR Martin Signed TV Scripts


You can always opt to buy George RR Martin’s books, but if you are more of a TV show buff than a bibliophile, you will find it thrilling to collect scripts from TV shows based on his writing. With actual scripts, you can relive your favorite scenes and dialogues. You can even act it out with friends or loved ones who love the same shows.