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Get Your Own Jimmy Buffett Signed Photos and Memorabilia

Get Your Own Jimmy Buffett Signed Photos and Memorabilia


Born on Christmas Day 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Jimmy Buffet has been wowing audiences with his singing and songwriting prowess for more than five decades. Best known for his music that perfectly describes island escapism, Buffet’s songs often tell stories about beach bums, pirates, and hustlers interwoven with themes of wanderlust, humor, and curiosity.


The start of Jimmy Buffet’s musical journey is certainly a humorous one – he only began learning to play the guitar after noticing that a fraternity brother who played the same instrument gained the attention of most girls in college. Though his initial intention was far from being pure, this opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Buffet. He formed his own band and started busking the streets of New Orleans. It was also during his student days that he played six nights a week at clubs.


After graduating, Buffet tried his hand at being a folk-country singer and worked for Billboard Magazine, but it was his travel to Key West Florida that truly changed his life. It was there that the young Buffet honed his craft in songwriting and strived to tell the stories of the artists and free spirits that he met during this time.  


In 1977, Jimmy Buffet released Margaritaville, which became the anthem of those wanting to escape and live their life in the tropics. The song catapulted Buffet into national stardom and inspired him to build his current business empire a decade later. This made Buffett one of the wealthiest musicians in the world. 


Even after all the fame and success, Buffet is still prone to do an impromptu set with his Coral Reefer Band at some Caribbean beach bar to entertain some very loyal Parrotheads with some “drunken rock ‘n roll” music.  


Jimmy Buffett Signed Memorabilia


Whether you are an official Parrothead or simply enjoy listening to Buffett’s tropical folk style music, the chances of wanting to get your hands on some signed memorabilia of these living legends are relatively high. Among these precious memorabilia are some authentic signed albums, photos, guitars, and other exciting items. 


Jimmy Buffett Signed Photos


Original signed photos of Jimmy Buffett is certainly hard to find. With Autographia, loyal Parrotheads can finally own some of his best shots captured on camera. We offer some of the finest signed photographs to avid fans and serious collectors alike. These photographs are in such pristine condition that you’ll want to display them in your home or office for everyone to see.


Jimmy Buffett Signed Albums


Of course, no collection is complete without a signed album from your favorite living legend. If you are looking for something to add to your collection or just want to buy a surprise gift for a very special loved one, you cannot go wrong with an authentic Jimmy Buffet album, signed by the singer himself. 


Jimmy Buffett Signed Guitars 


For budding musicians, a signed guitar can be a source of both pride and inspiration, even more so if it has Jimmy Buffett’s autograph on its body. You can choose from the wide range of hand-signed guitars, which are all available for sale in Autographia. Contact us, and we will gladly ship these mementos to you at a great price.