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Where to Find Premium Autographed Jaws Memorabilia

Where to Find Premium Autographed Jaws Memorabilia

Jaws is a 1975 thriller film based on a novel by Peter Benchley. It’s about a giant great white shark attacking beachgoers, causing panic and terror across a summer resort town. Making a worldwide box office earnings of over $470 million was an unprecedented feat. That became a defining moment for Steven Spielberg’s career. The movie put the then-rising director’s name on the map, along with the cast—Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Murray Hamilton, and Lorraine Gray. 

Unexpected Response 

Like the novel, Jaws tapped into the viewers’ worst fear of swimming in open water and being attacked by a monster from the deep. It was so effective that many who watched the film claimed to have developed a fear of venturing not only into the ocean but even into swimming pools. Despite that, people still lined up in cinemas to watch it. 

Shooting Jaws was challenging even for Spielberg. Not only did it run too long, but it also exceeded the $7 million budget by 70 percent, threatening the talented director’s filmmaking career. Just when they thought things couldn’t be any worse, their mechanical shark kept on malfunctioning and, at one point, sank at the bottom of the sea. In the end, the unexpected massive reception and huge profit made the risk worth it.   

Future Influences 

Jaws was widely acclaimed as the first American summer blockbuster. It held the record for being the highest-grossing film of all time until Star Wars came out. Both pioneered the filmmaking model used in Hollywood today and paved the way for high-budget movies with aggressive global ad campaigns. 

Jaws and its sequels inspired many of the more recent shark-attack-themed movies and TV shows, including hundreds of documentaries. People worldwide had never been more fascinated with sharks and the ocean since the film’s release. 

Jaws Movie Memorabilia

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Jaws Movie Photos

Jaws gave viewers a real scare during its first run. You can now relive the same feeling over and over with signed photos from the movie. Pictures of the cast also make a great addition to your collection. There’s no better place to buy these photos and other Jaws memorabilia than at Autographia. All our products are certified authentic, and ordering them is easy.  

Jaws Movie Posters

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Jaws Movie Scripts

If there’s one thing that sets Jaws apart from other thrillers, it’s the film’s generous use of catchy lines, such as “not like going down the pond chasing bluegills or tommy cats” and “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Grab a signed copy of the Jaws scripts from Autographia, scour for the most unforgettable quotes, and deliver them yourself to relive your favorite scenes.