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Get Started on Your Ed Sheeran Music Memorabilia Collection

Get Started on Your Ed Sheeran Music Memorabilia Collection


Ed Sheeran is from a generation of musicians and artists who had the advantage of technology on their side to introduce their work to the public and grow an audience base. The English singer-songwriter had been producing and distributing music, at least via the Internet, since 2004. He also spent a good deal of time performing in small venues in London after moving in 2008 to widen his reach. 


However, it wasn’t until 2011 when he was finally able to release his official debut album, + (plus). From there, his career has been going nowhere but up, first topping the UK Albums Chart, and then being honored in the 2012 Brit Awards as the Best British Male Solo Artist. He was also named the British Breakthrough Act in that same year. 


Sheeran’s musical appeal rests on writing meaningful and relatable lyrics that talk about memories from childhood and experiences in his journey towards stardom. He usually plays with his guitar, but what makes his performance stand out is his masterful use of yet another technology, the loop pedal. 


With this, he doesn’t need any band or backup singer with him onstage. It’s all him, performing as a one-person band, pushing pedals and turning buttons to create the music he wants live.


His amiable, low-key personality also gets him plenty of friends in the industry, at the very least on a collaborative, if not personal level. Among his industry friends is Taylor Swift, whom he collaborated with in “Everything Has Changed.” Eminem, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Camila Cabello are just a few of the other prominent artists he’s collaborated with. 


Even in his relatively young career, Ed Sheeran has already sold over 150 million records all over the world, making him one of today’s biggest-selling artists. With six Billboard Music Awards, five Brit Awards, and four Grammys so far, it’s no wonder why. 


Ed Sheeran Music Memorabilia

Ed Sheeran’s career may still be relatively young, but it’s never too early to start collecting Ed Sheeran music memorabilia. At the rate his career is going  and considering what he’s already accomplished in such a short time as a musical artist, he’s someone you can expect great things from in the future.


Ed Sheeran Autographed Photos

Ed Sheeran autographed photos are going to make for an excellent addition to your memorabilia collection. These photographs perfectly capture the singer’s low-key character, and having the man’s autograph adds more value to them. Have a tangible keepsake you can frame and hang in your own space.


Ed Sheeran Signed Posters

Any avid collectors know the value of signed merch, including posters. Ed Sheeran signed posters fall squarely under the kinds of merch you should not go home without–mainly because it’s signed. Have this gem for yourself at home. 


Ed Sheeran Music Albums 

Ed Sheeran music albums are uniquely named. His debut album + (2011) is followed by two other mathematical symbols, x (multiply, 2014) and ÷ (divide, 2017) . No.6 Collaborations Project was released in 2019. There’s no need for any further computation, though. Ed Sheeran’s discography is well worth the listen.