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Find Robert Downey Jr Signed Memorabilia to Add To Your Collection

Find Robert Downey Jr Signed Memorabilia to Add To Your Collection


Renowned among Hollywood’s most versatile and skilled actors, Robert Downey Jr. has continued to evolve throughout his career. During his youth, he quickly rose to popularity with an impressive on-screen track record. And while he took a break for a certain period due to personal problems, he was able to overcome the challenges, having achieved commercial success in middle age.  At present, even after more than forty years in the industry, he still brings something fresh and new to the table. 


Born in New York on April 4, 1965, Robert Downey Jr. is the offspring of underground filmmaker Robert Downey and the actress Elsie Downey. At a young age, Downey Jr. was exposed to film and the performing arts, along with his sister Allyson Downey. This inspired him to attend the Stagedoor Manor, a training center for performing arts. Soon after, he and his father moved to California in 1982 after his parents’ divorce. That same year, he left Santa Monica High School to focus on pursuing an acting career.


Robert Downey Jr.’s first onscreen stint started when he was just five years old, having appeared in his father’s film entitled Pound (1970). He then made cameo appearances in several of his father’s films between 1972 and 1990. Among his early substantial roles were when he worked with Brat Pack in the teen films Weird Science (1985) and Less than Zero (1987). His succeeding acting roles include: becoming a one-season member at Saturday Night Live; the title character in the biopic Chaplin, where he was nominated as Best Actor at the Academy Award and also won a BAFTA award; joining the hit series Ally McBeal, where he won a Golden Globe Award; The Singing Detective film (2003); the black comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005); the thriller Zodiac (2007); the action-comedy Tropic Thunder (2008), where he was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Award; gaining world recognition upon starring as Tony Stark/ Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for ten films; The Soloist (2009); and playing the title character in Sherlock Holmes (2009), where he earned his second Golden Globe, as well as the sequel in 2011;


Throughout Downey Jr.’s career, he has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2008, he was included among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. From years 2013 – 2015, he was listed as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor by Forbes. Downy Jr.’s films have earned more than $14.4 billion globally, making him the sixth highest-grossing box office star ever. 


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