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Keep Deadpool Movie Memorabilia Alive in Your Personal Collection

Keep Deadpool Movie Memorabilia Alive in Your Personal Collection


Ryan Reynolds starred as the irreverent, witty, oft times annoying unlikely superhero, Deadpool. Released in 2016, this solo outing isn’t actually the character’s first, having made an appearance in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film in 2009. Reynolds wasn’t happy with how the character was portrayed in the film, so screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick worked closely with him to turn things around. In 2011, Tim Miller came on board as director, and soon after that, fans were treated to a “leaked” test footage of Reynolds as the new and improved Deadpool.


In 2016, Deadpool was finally released, having been in development since 2004. It went on to gross over $782 million, which was an incredible profit coming from its $58 million budget. It also became the highest-grossing X-Men film, which was a pleasant surprise for the franchise. 


Marketing experts and casual audiences alike attribute this success to the film’s unconventional marketing strategy. Apart from the leaked test footage of Reynolds as Deadpool, the film also invested in attention-grabbing ploys, such as the billboard they put up in Los Angeles. It simply featured a skull, a poop emoji, and the letter L, and capped with the date of screening. The obvious reference to modern-day text language was not lost on anyone who is familiar with the technology, and quickly became viral on the internet. Reynolds, as the character himself, also made guest appearances on several TV shows, such as EXTRA and Conan. Last but not least, Reynolds, who seems to share the same brand of humor as his character, was also relentless in hyping the film himself on his personal social media accounts. 


Despite (or maybe because of) its R-rated humor, Reynolds’ Deadpool earned plenty of fans, especially for its faithful portrayal of the comic book character to the films. It also earned plenty of awards, including two Golden Globe nominations and two Critics’ Choice Award. Having proven demand from the audience, a sequel followed not long after in 2018. Supposedly, Marvel Studios is developing a third installment for the franchise, but details have yet to be released to the public.


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